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Shop Fit

At City Pop Up Retail we have a specialised team capable of fitting shops and units of all shapes and sizes.
Our vast experience also allows us to do this in a timely manner while keeping up to our reputation of superior quality.

City Pop Up Retail is renowned for creating a shop look that is unique and professional while at the same time creating ‘noise’ by attracting large amounts of traffic.

" Not content with ordinary shop fit we give each store a personality to fit the brand and have created extraordinary interiors
from parks to Hollywood bars."

Shop fit products and services:

Temporary walls

We hold large stock quantities while also having a number of different ways to create temporary walls and redesign the space inside a shop.

Display systems

We stock a large number of temporary display systems, using wires and freestanding display systems we can display any product.


We provide furniture for all types of use with the units.


Whether it is internal lighting or projections Hotel Retail specialise in finding and using effective lighting solutions for the temporary unit.


Famous for our interactive technology, the unit can not only be a shop but a 24hr information centre with window mounted touch screens and motion sensors.

Design team

experts at creating the design and interior of the shop.


We have a large warehouse to store and manage the shop unit whilst on campaign.